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An Ode To Maybe

Chapters 1-5

Chapters 6-10

Chapters 11-15

Chapter 16

The X-Files-Alex Krycek
Rating: PG-13 for violence, sex and language
Summary: Alex Krycek is hired to kill someone but he's having trouble with it.

The End Is The Beginning

This is a Kung Fu:The Legend Continues/FX:The Series/The X-files/Forever Knight fanfiction, look below for show and character summary's.
Rated: R (for some violence, language and a little sexual content)
Summary: A series of strange, simular murders brings the FBI, Shaolin Priests, Fx artists and vampires to New York City.

Murderous Eyes

Subject: Alias. Post-Episode
Summary: Post-Spirit. Would Jack have shot his own daughter?
Rating: PG, one bad word.

Dance With You

Subject: Early Edition/The X-files/Pacey crossover
Summary:The couples are drawn to a strange love resort where strange things are happening to couples.
Rating: NC:17 for sexual content

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Information about the shows:

FX: The Series-Rollie Tyler (Cameron Daddo)is a Special F/X artist, who helps out the police with their investigations, with his F/X techniques. He has an assitant, Angie Ramirez (Christina Cox) and Mira Sanchez (Jacqueline Torres)works for the NYPD. ***Spolier*** at bottom.

Forever Knight-Nick Knight(Geriant Wyn Davies) is Toronto Police detective, who also happens to be a vampire. His partner is Tracey Vetter (Lisa Ryder)and his "master" is LaCoix (Nigel Bennet). Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher)is the coroner that is trying to help Nick become human (not a vampire).

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues- Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine) is a Shoalin preist, who helps those in need. Peter Caine (Chris Potter) is his son, a cop who is starting to get back to his Shoalin roots.

The X-files-Fox Mulder (David Duchovney) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are two FBI agents who work on the X-files, paranormal cases.

Early Edition-Gary Hobson get's tomorrow's newspaper today.

Alias-Sydney Bristow thought she was working for a secret branch of the CIA, called SD-6. She later finds out that SD-6 are really the bad guys only after they have her fiance killed because Sydney told him who she worked for. She is now working as a double agent for the CIA against SD-6. Her handler at the CIA is Micheal Vaughn (lot's of chem. from those two!) Her father, Jack is also working as a double agent.


FX:The Series- Victor Loubar is an international terrorist who Rollie, Angie and the police have been trying to catch. Loubar can make himself look like anyone, including Rollie. He sleeps with Angie (she thinks it's Rollie but it's really Loubar).

Disclaimer-Disclaimer- These are not my shows or characters, I'm not making any profit from this. The X-files belongs to Chris Carter and 1013 productions. Fx to Rysher and Fireworks entertainment. Forever Knight belongs to Tristar/Sony. Kung Fu:The Legend Continues belongs to Warner Brothers. Early Edition belongs to Bob Brush and CBS. Alias belongs to JJ Abrams and ABC.