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On this page I'll include links to related sites. If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!

The Chris Potter and Christina Cox Webpage

This is my website, eventually it'll just be Chris Potter stuff, but until I move all the Christina Cox stuff, go to this one. It's got great pictures, information, fanfiction and updated news!

The Christina Cox Fanclub-The FXAngies

This is a little fanclub I started out of frustration of trying to find a Christina Cox fanclub. Lot's of cool people to talk to about Christina.

The Christina Cox Shrine

This site's got some great information, pics and some wallpaper.

Christina Cox Overexposed

This is a really great website tons of links, news and pictures galore(plus, she says nice things about me!) Visit it, it's cool!

*Bus* CoxWorld-My Christina Cox Tribute Page

This an old site, the owner now has a new website, that was very good, but now its gone missing. But it does have great sounds clips, lots of FX:The Series pictures and some trivia.

Christina Cox

This is one of the more professional sites. It's got pictures I've never seen before, contact info, bio and up-to-date news.

German Website

Although it's in German, it's got some great pictures from FX: The Series.

Christina Cox Mailing List

This is a great yahoo!group, with lot's of current discussions on your favorite actress CC.


FX: The Series

Everything an FXer could want, pictures, info. and TONS of fanfiction.

Interview about Better Than Chocolate